Do your clients run a huge risk of going broke in a nursing home?

As an independent insurance agent or financial advisor, did you know that you can protect your clients’ home and assets from being lost due to a long-term illness or nursing home stay without buying expensive long-term care insurance or paying out-of-pocket?  Congress has passed laws which allows your clients to save their home and assets rather than spending them on long-term care!

Never Heard About This?

Most people haven’t and our government is NOT required to tell your clients!  Pass on your legacy with ease and avoid the costly medicaid spend down.  Are you prepared?

There is an e-book with supporting material on K Gabriel Heiser’s new Trusts book titled “Trusts to protect your assets from medicaid”.  Thank you for interest and learning more.

Do your clients know how they’re going to pay for nursing home or assisted living care for themselves and their spouses?

What about still being able to pass on their legacy to loved ones the way they intended?  Their home, their cabin, cash, liquid assets?  Most people have no idea their entire legacy is at risk with the Medicaid government spend down.  Now you can help your clients and yourself.

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Imagine waking up every morning to a steady stream of red-hot new leads.  We’re talking about highly qualified leads.  Ones that are looking for what you have to offer.

Our team helps independent financial and insurance agents get regular leads.  This lead system includes back office support, telemarketing and direct mail follow-up, all on your behalf at no cost to you.  This system has been successful around the country, in all markets.

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It’s like a magnet…drawing them to you

With it, you can build a list of the finest, best-qualified prospects, people who are most likely to end up becoming your very best customers and clients.

My team and I specialize in helping independent insurance agents and financial advisors grow their businesses with lead systems and specialized products and services.  Not only do we help you get new clients, but we give you great reasons to call your existing clients to offer them new products.

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Nationally recognized service affiliates

Working with best selling author.

Nationally recognized service affiliates will educate you on protecting all your assets from the medicaid spend down, affordably, payment plans, no credit checks and 0% interest available.

Credit Checks

Many things that we share, are unheard of, your basic banker, insurance professional, and most attorneys do not know about them. That includes tax professionals who should know.

This information will change/transform your financial future. Wall Street and Uncle Sam don’t care if you don’t follow these tips, for you, missing out is no one’s concern but your own.

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